The Benefits Of A Digital Detox

Have you ever thought about doing an electronic digital detox? I knew it had been time for a last week once I was assessing my Instagram earlier bed and I got so upset over a stranger's articles about using dating programs that I couldn't sleep. My fan took my phone away and put this inside the drawer of the night stand and said I had been getting far too obsessed with social networking. And he was right. So I chose to execute an electronic digital detox. No interpersonal media for 48 hours. For an entire weekend I chose to be off line and spend that time doing different activities. In the beginning I was really jittery and kept reaching for my cell phone. I was so used to doing Kiwi Searches, almost like a security blanket, and then put it down.

The Start

The first few hours were demanding. I truly wanted to check in on facebook and determine what everybody was up to on Twitter or read the latest gossip on Grapevine. But I then decided enough was enough. I put the phone on the charger and set this in your kitchen. I then left the house. Without my mobile phone. Seems crazy, I know. We never go anywhere with no mobiles these days, maybe not to even your bathroom. I grabbed my bike out of the garage and decided to ride my bike into the park. When I got to the playground I sat under a tree and simply sat there enjoying the sun and watching the families around me. It was amazing. And probably the most relaxing thing I had done in quite a while. I wasn't Instagramming the grass or searching for a social media worth selfie opportunity. I just rested.

You May Take a Rest

After that I spent the rest of the weekend catching up with friends in real life instead of just on the web. Also it had been glorious. So in Case You've been contemplating an electronic Detoxification to get your priorities straight and get off the Social Networking treadmill which can sometimes feel as a popularity contest here are a few things that you could gain:


I was shocked at just how much calmer I had been once I wasn't constantly reading social media. It was lovely to just sit and let my mind wander with anxiety to be smart or entertaining or amusing. I only sat quietly and managed to be alone with my own thoughts.

Just Set It Off Comfort

Like most people I am constantly stressed. Sometimes I don't even know how I manage to get through the day because of all the stress I'm under. But after I left my phone off to the full weekend I'd the time to just curl up. I rode my motorcycle, took a rest, played with art equipment, and actually had the time to accomplish that things that relax me.


That you don't get how much time you spend on social media until you're not on it. I was amazed by just how much more free time that I had when I was not tethered to the distractions on my phone. Try out an electronic digital detoxification to yourself and you will be astonished at how good you feel then. I am not surprised that more individuals have started to do it.

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